Historical first - professional registration for Educational Audiologists

The first ever professional registration for Educational Audiologists has been announced by the British Association of Educational Audiologists (BAEA). The voluntary registration is with UK's Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) who enforce high standards of practice and maintain a public database of registrants for six disciplines.

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RCCP Newsletter Summer 2019

Further to the June 2018 press release, final completion of the new Educational Audiology registration development process was completed in July 2019, following the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) accreditation renewal of RCCP in early 2019.

Guidance for Educational Audiologists to register with RCCP

Three registration options are outlined on the RCCP website:

The online application can be accessed at https://www.rccp.co.uk/articles/87/How-to-Submit-anApplication-to-the-Register

As you will see, the link to guidance notes refers only to Graduate registration and not Equivalency. The "application type" drop-down menu on the online application lists 3 types: Student, Graduate, Standard (for all others).

Equivalency route applicants should choose "standard" and RCCP scrutineers will recognise the application as "equivalence route" at this time. The application must include: